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Janice Smolinski Guest on The Roth Show

On August 24, 2004, life changed for the Smolinski family, never to be the same again.  That was the day their son, William (Billy) Smolinski disappeared.  (website

Since that fateful day, the scenarios of what could have happened to Billy are played out daily in the minds of his parents, Janice and Bill.  However, they did not just sit idly by and wait for him to come home, although that’s what authorities would have liked.  They became vocal and quite proactive in their search for him, posting flyers, entering information into databases and registering his case with missing persons organizations.

According to Jan Smolinski, anything and everything that could have gone wrong with the investigation into the vanishing of her son, did.  Rather than take it lying down, they persevere, every day since Billy has been gone, their search is a part of the new reality of their lives. Even after being arrested, fingerprinted and thrown in jail, Jan did not become complacent.  As a mother of a missing son, there is no time for nonsense in her world, she is on a mission and will not rest until it’s completed, the return of her son.

The investigation has taken many turns through the years, suspects and suspicions, but no one has yet to step up and let the Smolinskis know exactly what happened to Billy and where he may be.

Jan Smolinski is also known for spearheading legislation that will aid all families of missing persons, The Help Find the Missing Act (Billy’s Law).  The bill passed unanimously through the federal House of Representatives and is now awaiting passage through the Senate to become law.  This all important bill will provide funding for training police departments on how to improve responses to missing persons, as well as secure funding for NamUs, the centralized database for missing persons and unidentified remains.

The legislation helps to streamline the reporting process for law enforcement and medical examiners by connecting two major federal missing persons and unidentified remains databases- the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and the NamUs.  Connecting these databases makes them more comprehensive and more likely to lead to a missing person or unidentified remains match.

As you can see, Jan Smolinski has taken on a mountain, one pebble at a time, and with the support of thousands around the country, she goes

above and beyond just being the mother of a missing son, but reaches out to other mothers and family members of the missing, offering hope and information to help them in their own searches.

Get to know Jan Smolinski this evening on The Roth Show as hosts, Dr. Laurie Roth and Susan Murphy Milano examine the case of missing Billy Smolinski and showcase the work that Jan is continually doing for the benefit of the missing.

Tune in Wednesday, December 15, at 7-8pm Eastern.  Go to and hit “Listen Live.”