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Dr. Richard Weinblatt “CopDoc” on Voices of Hope With Host, Gayle Crabtree


Hope for Healing.Org Founder, Gayle Crabtree, welcomes guest “CopDoc” Richard Weinblatt to Voices of Hope on BlogTalk Radio Tuesday, December 14 at noon ET.

Hope for Healing.Org works with victims of sexual and domestic violence. These victims (especially in the immediate aftermath) tend to forget that police officers are humans who have lots of other outside interests.  Dr. Richard Weinblatt, a veteran officer and trainer, will talk about what officers do as first responders to calls where violence is involved.

Dr. Richard Weinblatt, The Cop Doc, is a law enforcement expert, consultant, writer, radio show host, and media commentator, who has served as a police chief, criminal justice professor, and police academy director.  He has worked in several regions of the United States in reserve and full-time sworn positions ranging from auxiliary police lieutenant in New Jersey to Patrol Division Deputy Sheriff in New Mexico to Police Chief in North Carolina.

A well-known police issues commentator for local and national media, Dr. Weinblatt, has been interviewed by the Associated Press, CBS News, CNN, HLN, MSNBC, and The Washington Post among others.  He has authored hundreds of articles on law enforcement topics for magazines and websites

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