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Yikes! It’s Almost Christmas! What Did You Get For…..(fill in the blank)!


It’s so close!

The days are rushing by until Christmas Day and you are running out of ideas…..and time!

Don’t despair!  We’ve got you covered!

Check out all the gift ideas……right here at ImaginePublicity!   Books galore, self-defense training, poetry, intuitive readings, graphic designs, and more!

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Each of our clients have something great to offer!  Click on the names below and fulfill your list!


Merry Christmas from all of us!








Susan Murphy Milano

Expert Relationship Strategist, Author, Speaker, Advocate, Media Consultant


Anny Jacoby

Expert Female Personal Safety Instructor, Advocate, Speaker, Consultant


Lisa Michels

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Adovcate Against Child Abuse and Sexual Predators


Gayle Crabtree

Founder, Hope For Healing.Org






Helping to find missing children of color, fight against child abuse, and provide information to the public.

“Time’s Up!” Network

“Time’s Up!” is a collection of bloggers who are champions for victims of crime.

2 Reel Productions

Progressive Film Production Company based in Las Vegas

Dennis N. Griffin

True Crime Author


Vito Colucci

Private Investigator, Author


Ward Foley

Inspirational Speaker, Author


Jillian Maas Backman

Intuitive Life Coach, Radio Personality, Author

Angela Braxton

Family Involvement Consultant, Author, Speaker


April Claxton

Psychic medium, Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker


Charles Moncrief

Anglican Priest, Web Designer, IT Tech, Researcher


Claudine Dombrowski

Family Court Crisis Activist


Danielle Pierre

Motivational Author, Life Coach, Owner, DP Motivation,Inc.


Dawn Schiller

Author,Speaker, Founder of E.S.T.E.A.M. (non profit outreach for throwaway teens)

Dr. Richard Weinblatt “Cop Doc”

Law Enforcement Expert, Author, Media Commentator

Lavinia Masters

Author, Advocate for Sexual Assault Victims, Speaker

Lyn Twyman

Founder, Courage Network,Director of Operations, International Domestic Violence Memorial, Speaker


Mary Osborne

Author, Nurse, Educator, Teen Advocate


Robert McDowell

Author, Educator, Poet, Mentor


Sharon daVanport

Founder, Autism Women’s Network


Sheryl McCollum

Director, Cold Case Investigative Research Institute


Burl Barer

True Crime Author, Radio Host,  Speaker


Neil Schori

Pastor, Naperville Christian Church


Holly Hughes

Former Prosecutor, Legal Analyst, Attorney


Sandra L. Brown, M.A.

CEO of The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction & Public Psychopathy Education

Susie Kroll

Speaker, Advocate for Teen Dating Violence

Donna R. Gore

Victim Advocate,Speech Pathologist,Speaker,Project Management

Smarty Pants

Web Design, Photography, Graphic Design

Balanced Books 50/50

Virtual and Traditional Bookkeeping Services