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2011: The Year of Expansion! Imagine the Possibilities!

One of our clients, Jillian Maas Backman wrote an article for the blog Network, Time’s Up, called 2011: The Year of Expansion, Prepare Now! and the concept of it has been calling out to us every day since!  Jillian is an Intuitive Life Coach who works with others to tap into their inner soul and do the work the Universe is showing them.  Many of us just don’t pay attention and, therefore, we miss out on an energy which is there for the taking by everyone.

As we look back on 2010 we see the accomplishments we’ve made, along with the mistakes, but as we take stock of what we’ve done, we look forward to expanding the vision we’ve always had; to help others imagine the success they wish to achieve and assist them to make it their reality.

As the internet grows and expands into a place where businesses and people alike congregate, get their news and socialize, we want to be there along with you!

We may not be a powerhouse yet, and we may never be, but we hope the journey we take is one of expanding the possibilities for you, the client, as well as ImaginePublicity!  Come with us!

According to Jillian:

“One can only achieve their greatest dreams with the assistance of others.”

On to the Year of Expansion!  There are steps we are taking here at ImaginePublicity to expand our services to clients.  Going beyond last year, building on the foundation laid, and using our partnerships to offer better and more affordable options for everyone.

Let’s grow!


Watch for Jillian’s new book, Beyond the Pews: Breaking Away from Tradition and Letting Go of Religious Lockdown coming out in 2011.