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Neil Schori Holding Out Hand of Hope in Haiti

Pastor Neil Schori of Naperville Christian Church is an amazing example of someone who walks the talk of the scriptures.

Neil is currently in Haiti, once again, working with the people who have been devastated by all the wrath mother nature has to offer, including hurricanes and huge earthquakes.  A land that seems to be forgotten, the people of Haiti have lived for years with little or no hope of improvement in their lives.  Poverty abounds with little to sustain, except faith.

Before he left his cozy home and beautiful family, Neil wrote a blog post for the “Time’s Up!” Network.  You are invited to read and reflect on the comforts we take for granted:

By Neil Schori

I don’t know about you, but I never seem to have enough.  Most of my months have a few days left in them when my paycheck ends.  My house feels like a zoo at least half of the time because I’ve got 5 people under a roof made for 2.  Sometimes when I look around these affluent suburbs, I can convince myself that I’m the only person around here that isn’t a CEO of a Fortune 500 company.  Never enough.  Can you relate to any of this?But when I slow down, I become aware that the truth is really different than my lying perception and my fickle heart.

I’m getting ready to leave for Haiti in a few days to serve some of the world’s poorest people and then two days after I return, I’ll be with my family celebrating Thanksgiving.  I need this desperately.  Both of these events will be such beautiful reality-checks for me and keep me grateful for what I do have in the land of “never enough.”

Neil Schori is one of those who dares to tread in to places others would not.  He is one of our unsung heroes!

If you would like to follow Neil’s updates on Twitter, follow @neilschori  and offer your words of support!

Thank you, Neil, for doing what many of us only dream about.