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Women Who Love Psychopaths

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Often unidentified, pathology in the form of narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths make up a significant portion of emotional, financial, physical and sexual harm of others.In fact, more than 60 million people are negatively harmed by someone else’s extreme pathological disorders.  Domestic Violence repeat offenders who are pathological represent over70% of all batterers.  If we ask ourselves as a culture, ‘Who are our chronic batterers, rapists, con artists, thieves, cheaters, and relational predators?’ we come up with the answer: narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths.

Flying under the detection radar as ‘disorders of social hiding’ these charming and often successful pathologicals rise to the top in their careers, attract the opposite sex like a magnet, and slide by undiscovered by others who don’t have an intimate relationship with them.  Well liked by others, their personal and intimate paths are silently littered with the lives of wounded women and children.

Unidentified pathology has cost our social service system billions while judges, parole & probation systems, attorneys, and social workers miss the hallmark signs of destructive potential in them.

Likewise, the victim-partners of these pathologicals are often blamed for the consequences of their own love life, labeled as codependent and relationally-addicted. The most understood of all are those these victim-partners whose temperament traits rate in the 97% in empathy, tolerance, and bonding creating a personality style fit for the target of predators. Never before studied or traits identified, these unusually strong and normal women become prey for the drive of the pathological.  Their relationship dynamics, as unusual as her temperament and his disorder, create an aftermath of symptoms most therapists miss.

Treating the Aftermath of Pathological Love Relationships has become the hallmark of The Institute as we reach out to millions who have been mangled by his pathology.

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