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The Movement Within: Guided Meditations

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April Claxton, CEO of The Movement Within, offers several guided meditations on the website, free to use whenever you are ready to make the time to go within yourself, to turn your negatives into positives, to receive the goodness of universal energy.  Relaxation and guided meditation is proven to be beneficial to our physical and mental well being.  Take 7 to 8 minutes all for yourself and experience what that investment of time will do for you for the rest of your day.

You can purchase a CD with even more guided mediations for a bargain price!      http://www.themovementwithin.com/Meditations.html

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About April Claxton:

Acclaimed psychic medium, intuitive life coach and inspirational speaker, April Claxton has captivated hearts worldwide.

When told multiple times by many mediums and psychics to “journal,” April discovered that she had the ability to receive written messages from “the other side.” She was told that she herself had psychic abilities, and that her life’s work would be to help people discover their own true potential within themselves, lifting humanity one heart at a time. This goal has been combined with her work which enables her to bring hope, healing and validation to people by encouraging them to Move…Within.

With true compassion, April Claxton offers a multitude of services that encourage your inner journey by exploring life, feelings, thoughts and your own unique individuality which is a gift within the world. Her down-to-earth approach, tell-it-like-it-is ability and gentle openness has earned her a loyal and appreciated following.