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Crime Wire Investigates: Ashley Dawn Thompson and Katrina Rivera-Hill, Suicide or Murder? You Decide

the New Crime Wire


the New Crime WireTonight at 9pm Eastern, the Crime Wire Team will be highlighting the case of Ashley Dawn Thompson, a 15 year old beauty about to embark on a modeling career when she was found hanging in her bedroom closet.

Ruled a suicide, evidence clearly points to murder at the hands of a controlling boyfriend she was breaking up with.  A boyfriend who is presently serving time for other violent crimes, AND whose ex-girlfriend also died by hanging only 7 months prior to Ashley’s death.

Tonight we will talk to Ashley’s parents and find out what they have been through to try to find justice for their daughter.

Ashley Thompson’s case is profiled on the website Justice for the Dead, along with many others who are fighting for reform of the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office in order to bring justice which is long overdue.

The second case we will be discussing is that of Katrina Rivera-Hill, also stamped “suicide” by the Oklahoma Medical Examiner.  Katrina is supposed to have jumped from a moving vehicle to her death, yet no one questioned the driver, only took his word surrounding the circumstances.  No one looked into his violent history with Katrina until after the death was ruled suicide, and the ME’s Office now refuses to make a change in the ruling allowing this family to seek justice for the death of their daughter.

We will be speaking to Kathrina’s mother to hear how that fight for justice is going and what we can help with.

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