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True Crime Author, Dennis Griffin Appears on Crime Time With Vito Colucci, PI!

Crime Time with Vito Colucci, P.I.  features anything crime related. Current high profile cases or trials are discussed in detail with commentary from law enforcement experts and lawyers.

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This Sunday, November 7, Vito welcomes as his guest, Author and retired investigator, Dennis Griffin talking about their latest adventures into the world of true crime.    Both former investigators, the pair has a lot to share, not only about cases they worked on in the past, but things they are doing now, like writing, appearances and hosting talk radio!

Vito and Denny are two thirds of the popular show on BlogTalk Radio and the interactive website, Crime Wire.  Along with Susan Murphy Milano and several experts on their panel, the trio profiles a variety of cases, including cold cases, suspicious deaths and current solved and unsolved murders. The goal is to bring attention to those cases in which justice may not have been served and the families of the victims don’t have the resources to pursue the investigations on their own. You can listen to them on Crime Wire each Tuesday at 9 ET on BlogTalk Radio.

Dennis Griffin

Dennis began his career as a private investigator with Pinkerton’s Inc., working mostly undercover assignments, which ultimately led to a position as the Director of Investigations with the New York State Dept. of Health laboratory division. There were stops along the way as a Sr. Child Support Investigator and deputy sheriff in Madison County, New York, in between.

In 1996, when Dennis was supposed to be retired, but decided to tell the story of what he learned while investigating the operation of a medical examiner’s office. It was an eye-opening experience and he felt compelled to share it with others. Dennis eventually authored a fictionalized account called, The Morgue. However,  readers didn’t believe anything in the book could actually happen, but they liked the story and his style; rough edges and all. Six more mystery/thriller fictions followed.

Dennis has written several books on the true stories of the Las Vegas mob and the era in which they reigned.

His latest book chronicles the true story of Andrew DiDonato, a former member of the Gambino crime family, Surviving the Mob, will be available before Christmas 2010.