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So You Wanna Be A Radio Star? Do it Best!

From True Crime to Poets, Issues to Inspiration, ImaginePublicity brings a wide variety of characters to the table.

Radio Hosts:  Are you looking for someone as a guest?

What’s your flavor?  Inspirational, Motivational, Intuitive, Issue related, True Crime or Pastors?

ImaginePublicity can provide your shows with a well known, well versed lineup of guests, many of them radio hosts, authors and personalities in their own right.  (check out our client roster!)

Experience counts when producing a quality show and ImaginePublicity’s clients know their stuff!  They are professional, knowledgeable about their passions and expertise, many the best in their fields.

Let us help you book your next radio show, whether online, terrestrial , or one tin can to another, we want to give your listeners the best experience possible!

We aren’t limited to just our client list.  If there’s someone you want, famous or infamous,  to have on your show as a guest, and we can make it happen, let’s talk!

Use our many offsite connections to people in all genres.  We will do our best to get you who you want!

Ready, set, go!

Let’s get your show off the ground with the experts and professionals your listeners want to hear!

Wanna talk about it?  Call!  843-808-0859

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One more thing, we don’t just get you going and leave you high and dry!  We will promote and publicize you and your show to the max!

You want all the listeners you can get, don’t you?