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Anny Jacoby: Personal Safety Engagements!

Tuesday, October 26

Campus safety is in the forefront after several incidents at colleges around the country.  Anny Jacoby has been a major voice for implementing safety programs for the student body of all college campuses, as well as encouraging campuses to follow all available policies and procedures when dealing with violence in our schools.

Anny has been invited by Central Carolina Community College to be a special presenter to their Faculty and Staff during their annual meeting.

The Faculty and Staff at CCCC are taking proactive measures to learn what to do in a crisis situation should it occur in their classroom.  After an incident at the school a few years ago, they had many questions about what they should have done to prevent it, recognize it and what to do as it was occurring.

Anny will be teaching the basics of techniques that can be implemented immediately by those in the classroom and in other support staff positions on campus.  Her presentation guarantees that those who attend will come away with a better understanding of violence, how to recognize most warning signs, and how to de-escalate a situation within their control.  She is available for further hands on training classes for the Faculty, Staff and the student body.

Friday, October 29

Anny Jacoby will be appearing on the Voices of Hope radio broadcast in her second annual appearance about Halloween Safety.  Anny and Host, Gayle Crabtree will be giving listeners advice on how to safely enjoy Trick or Treating, what danger signals to be aware of, and how to handle a dangerous situation should it occur.

Join Anny and Gayle for all the latest tips and information at Noon Eastern time on BlogTalk Radio.  If you have questions or comments, feel free to call in at (718) 506-1545

You can listen to the broadcast live or anytime on the archives.  Direct link to the show  CLICK HERE.

Tuesday, November 2

Benson Memorial United Methodist Church in Raleigh, NC will be hosting a Personal Safety and Awareness Presentation and has invited Anny Jacoby to be a Special Guest Speaker for their event.

Anny will be speaking about all aspects of personal safety including the emotional, psychological and physical danger signs and what to do should you recognize them.   Anny Jacoby will also be speaking about The Realistic Female Self-Defense Company and Project Safe Girls and how her training program can benefit females of all ages.

There will be an opportunity for anyone in the Raleigh area to register for full training classes at a 50% discount.

For anyone wishing to schedule Anny for a future training class, contact her directly at or call 919-225-1421.

For information about Anny Jacoby, Project Safe Girls and The Realistic Female Self-Defense Company go to

If you would like to schedule Anny to present at your next event or conference contact:

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