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CSI? Law and Order? Fact and Fiction on Crime Time with Vito Colucci

Crime Time with Vito Colucci, P.I.  features anything crime related. Current high profile cases or trials are discussed in detail with commentary from law enforcement experts and lawyers.

Tune in each Sunday night at 11PM Eastern to hear Vito and his guests on Business TalkRadio.  CLICK HERE and hit “Listen Live” for the live show, or you can always listen later by going to the Archives/Podcasts.

This Sunday, October 10 at 11PM Eastern, Vito’s special guest will be Ed Rondano of the Stamford, CT police department.

Ed Rondano

Ed Rondano is a 30 year veteran of the Stamford police department.  He will discern truth from fiction about the realities of forensic crime scene investigations in light of the popular CSI type television shows which have become popular.

Armchair detectives and internet sleuths have rallied themselves around all things crime, making crime scene evaluation a sometimes hobby.  The popularity of television shows like Forensic Files, Law and Order, CSI and others like them, seem to be all the education needed for those whose passion it is to solve crimes.

Ed Rondano and Vito Colucci will discuss what it really takes to become a crime scene investigator.