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Sandra L. Brown, M.A. Guest Hosts Radio Show for Month of October

Sandra L. Brown, M.A., CEO and Founder of The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction will be the Guest Host for The Susan Murphy Milano Show for the month of October while Susan is on the road promoting awareness for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Sandra will be hosting many interesting guests on the subjects of Pathology and Psychopaths and how Pathology affects relationships, how to recognize it and what to do about it.  She will be inviting not only guests but women who have dealt with pathologicals in their relationships and how they are learning to overcome.

What many don’t realize is that some women are prone to either attracting a pathological or are attracted to them.  Join us as we learn from Sandra how to understand the effects that pathologicals have on relationships, how the signs are manifested, and how “positive psychology” leaves people ignoring the traits of pathology that can seriously harm them.

I think that the mental health field has to bear part of the responsibility for so little public education about the pervasiveness of personality disorders, pathology, and psychopathy and the often devastating results to relational health. The mental health field has done little to train the public what pathology is, the limitations of wellness it implies, and what it looks and acts like in relationships…….Sandra L. Brown, M.A.

You won’t want to miss any of the shows Sandra has planned for October!

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