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Burl Barer and Diane Dimond: A Pair of Aces!

Saturday, October 2 on Outlaw Radio, Burl Barer and partner, Don Woldman, hold court with journalist and author, Diane Dimond.

According to the write up on Burl’s site:

I’ve always had a weakness for strong women, and there are sure a lot of ’em in broadcasting.  Among them is Diane Dimond, another exemplar of the phrase “Crime Hottie”  Heck, Erin Moriarty of CBS and Amanda Lamb of NBC, not to mention Fox’s resident foxette, Lis Wiehl, Professor Janet McClellan, Katherine Ramsland, and many more have all earned that appellative as the compliment I bestow on  journalists, authors and broadcasters who set the standard of excellence when it comes to reporting, analyzing, studying, and investigating crime.

Reverently referred to as “Crime Hotties,” many of the guests on Barer’s radio show are strong, beautiful women who are experts in their fields.  Burl and Don tackle some of the most serious issues, adding a special twist only the two of them can pull off!

Tune in to Outlaw Radio at 2pm Pacific every Saturday for an always intriguing show featuring an array of guests (and more Crime Hotties) from  the arena of true crime!


If you can’t make the live show, listen later at the site, or download from iTunes.