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SC Coalition Hosts Susan Murphy Milano to Kick Off Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Friday, October 1 kicks off yet another Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  The annual campaign strives to educate the public and bring awareness to the ever rising incidents of violence between intimate partners.

The Pee Dee Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault  in Florence, SC, will be holding events throughout their region during the month, starting off with an awareness walk, “Walk the Path of the Victim and Celebrate the Survivors!”   Each step a victim takes during the journey away from abuse and towards freedom from fear will be covered,  the hospital, the police department, the shelter and the steps of the courthouse.

Susan Murphy Milano, Veteran Intimate Partner Violence Strategist, Consultant and Author will be on hand for the keynote address and book signings.  Susan is often praised as one of the most dynamic and engaging speakers of our day in the domestic violence prevention field.

As an expert in the area of intimate partner violence and the prevention of homicide, Susan has created specific tools and procedures which the abused need to safely leave a violent relationship. Her books, “Defending Our Lives”, “Moving Out, Moving On” and “Time’s Up”, are considered the “bibles” of how to make the move safely away from abuse and deal with the many confusing situations surrounding violence prevention, stalking, break-up or divorce.

The Pee Dee Coalition is sponsoring a book signing at Aroma Underground, 600D Pampilco Hwy., Florence, SC  at 11 AM EDT and another book signing will be held at McLeod Medical Center at 555 Cheaves in Florence at 5:30 PM EDT before the walk begins.   Then, listen to Susan Murphy Milano’s keynote address, strongly explaining how a victim can go from being controlled to being “in control.”