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Susan Murphy Milano Partnering With The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction

The Institute For Relational Harm Reduction andPublic Pathology Education, and it’s Founder and CEO, Sandra L. Brown, M.A., have invited Susan Murphy Milano to be a colleague in the Institute’s ongoing mission to offer solutions to those in crisis relationships.

The Institute’s programs center around educatingthose who are in, or chronically go back to, relationships with persons who are recognized as pathologicals.

“Not understanding how pathology manifests in relationships and the often manipulative behavior of those with pathology and you have partners, families, and children who are devasted almost as much by the lack of information as by the destruction that often happens at the hands of the pathological. Without the education of ‘what‘ the disorder is, ‘how‘ it came to be, ‘whom‘ it effects, ‘why‘ it harms others, partners, family and children live in the shadows of unspoken confusion and pain.”

The collaboration of these two powerhouse women, along with other involved professionals,  promises to be a part of the solution, helping the public to recognize the dangers of  a pathological relationship and create a comprehensive, individual plan to leave safely.

For complete information about the programs, books and information offered by the Institute, as well as services and the latest happenings, please refer to Safe Relationships Magazine.