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Crime Wire Unveils NEW Interactive Website!

Crime Wire has a brand new website. On it you can listen to the Blog Talk Radio show, answer poll questions, find information about Consultants and Friends, read blog postings and send messages to the CW Team. On the Forums pages you can comment on the cases profiled on the show or start discussion threads on other crime-related issues.

There’s a store where books by Susan Murphy-Milano, Vito Colucci, and Dennis Griffin can be purchased, and a link to CWmerchandise.  There are all kinds of great things with the Crime Wire Logo, t shirts, coffee cups and hats, to name a few.  You can keep your favorite Crime Wire Team with you at all times!

Basic membership is free, and there will soon be a Premium Members area with special offers, inside information and many other benefits,  so sign up at and get involved.

This is a website built for YOU, the true crime enthusiast who wants to make a difference.  The cases we are presenting are already seeing movement because of our audience and guest participation, and we want to see much more in the future.  Come with us, help us, and watch as justice is served for those who deserve it!

Together we can make a difference.