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Who Is Levi Page? Find Out When Vito Colucci Asks All You Wanted to Know About Levi Page!

Levi Page hosts The Levi Page Show on BlogTalkRadio, a one-hour crime based program that covers breaking news in crime stories, missing people, and investigations the public care about.

In a short amount of time, Levi has successfully managed to bring coverage to several high profile cases and has racked up a huge fan base on the internet.  Levi is making a round of appearances on national news networks on shows such as Nancy Grace and Jane Velez Mitchell.

So, how did a young college student with boyish good looks make the big time?  We all want to know!

Join Levi Page with host, Vito Colucci, Jr., Sunday night, August 15 at 11PM Eastern time on Business TalkRadio.

CLICK HERE and hit “Listen Live” for the live show, or you can always listen later by going to the Archives/Podcasts.