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D.I.V.A.S. Event Featuring Speaker Lavinia Masters


To promote, help empower & be a networking support of women entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds and unite them via a special platform that celebrates their worth!


Designed to bring women entrepreneurs and patrons of diverse backgrounds together in a FUN & RELAXING atmosphere to showcase their products, services and skills.  D.I.V.A. Hour is about allowing all involved to network with one another and provide explanation & expertise to other women who may be in need of their services.

It’s about being D.I.V.A.!


D.I.V.A. Management believes that women can work together to help uplift, support and empower one another without constantly pulling

each other down to get ahead. We believe that diversity can be shown and honored as D.I.V.A.: Diamonds In Various Arrays, because that is who we are as women!