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Introducing the “Alchemy Series” by Mary Osborne

Mary Osborne, nurse, educator, teen advocate and author, has announced the “Alchemy Series,” a series of novels which appeals to teen readers in the way the Harry Potter and Twilight series has, and promises to bring readers an entertaining story as well as weaving threads of subtle life lessons which are pertinent to 21st century teens.

The first book in the series is “Nonna’s Book of Mysteries,” a tale which takes place in a time when there was still magic in the world, and  an explosion of talent in the arts.

The ambition to achieve outside the home and to balance work, family, and spiritual life are central themes in Osborne’s historical. Thoughpainters’ apprenticeships for young women do not exist in the Florence of Renaissance Italy, fourteen-year-old Emilia Serafini dreams of becoming a painter. With the odds stacked against her, Emilia receives a book that belonged to her grandmother—A Manual to the Science of Alchemy. The book is filled with intriguing knowledge, and Emilia finds herself turning to it again and again.

Drawing on the mystical world of alchemy, Mary Osborne infuses her story with ancient wisdom as she paints the fascinating portrait of a young woman who defies convention to seek her destiny.

Published by Lake Street Press, “Nonna’s Book of Mysteries” is available at Amazon and other online and local book sources.

ISBN: 978-1-936181-16-2