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Denny Griffin Interview: Two Men and the Mob

Denny Griffin will be participating in a panel discussion on the Simon Barrett Show on Saturday at 11am pacific, 2pm eastern where they will be launching the latest broadcast in the series, Surviving The Mob.

Guests are going to be ex Gambino crime family associate Andrew DiDonato, and ex Colombo crime member Billy Cutolo Jr. Billy was in the the unique position of being the son of the number 2 guy in the Colombo family.

Also joining the panel will be crime writer and author Denny Griffin and our resident expert on Organized Crime in Central and Southern America, D. Alan Johnson.

This exciting, informative 90 minute show will be aired live on BlogTalk Radio on Saturday, June 12, at 2pm Eastern, 1pm Central time.

To participate in the live chat and hear the show CLICK HERE

To call in live with questions and comments:

(646) 378-1120

Andrew DiDonato’s escape from his life of crime in the Gambino family is now out on DVD produced by 2Reel Productions.  He will be co-writing his story with True Crime author, Dennis Griffin.

Dennis Griffin, Vito Colucci and Susan Murphy-Milano are members of Crime Wire, a new set of eyes which investigates crimes for families who have not received the justice they deserve.  Listen to their show on BlogTalk Radio every Tuesday evening at 9pm Eastern, and follow their blog,  Crime Wire.