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ImaginePublicity’s Newest Clients! Welcome Aboard!

We have added several new clients of note and wish to welcome each one of them.  We are excited to have them on board with us and look forward to helping them find the level of success they wish to achieve.

Angela Braxton, is a  Family Engagement Consultant, who works in partnership with child welfare agencies and family partners across the country to improve child welfare outcomes for children and families. Her work with state child welfare agencies is guided by the principles of Systems of Care as a way to promote safety, permanency, and well-being for children and families involved with, or at risk of becoming involved with the child welfare system.

Charles Moncrief is an Anglican Priest who serves up the issues of the day on a platter mixed with scripture, seriousness, and a sense of humor to create a ministry founded in love for his fellow man. “I’m an Anglican Priest, disguised as a geek during the week. It’s REALLY tough to change my costume, since phone booths are getting hard to find!”

Danielle Pierre is the owner of DP Motivation, Inc., a motivational author, life coach, artist, CEO and co-founder of two non-profit organizations.

Dawn Schiller was lured as a teen into the world of porn star, John Holmes.  Through the experiences she has survived, she is able to forgive and walk down a new path in her life.  Her mission is to reach out to “throwaway teens” with the hope that she can help them find the right course and a safety net to help.  Her book, The Road Through Wonderland, which releases in August, tells the details of her life’s journey and how she was able to find her faith, a new life, and her self.

Claudine Dombrowski is a vocal advocate for battered mothers who have lost custody of their children.  Claudine has been fighting her own battles with Family Courts in Kansas, as well as helping many others in the same situation throughout the country.  Also known as “Angel Fury” she has organized many voices who will not quiet down until positive changes are made for mothers without custody.

To schedule any of the clients of ImaginePublicity for your upcoming events, please call 843.808.0859 or email: