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Crime Wire Debut on BlogTalk Radio

“When there is nowhere else for families to find answers and seek justice, the Crime Wire team is there.”

The Crime Wire Team, Vito Colucci, Dennis Griffin and Susan Murphy-Milano will be bringing the best of the nation’s consultants to their new radio show on BlogTalk Radio, which debuts Tuesday, June 1 at 9pm Eastern.

Each week the team will  bring attention to those cases in which justice may not have been served and the families of the victims don’t have the resources to pursue the investigations on their own.

On tonight’s show they’ll discuss the role of medical examiners and coroners in death investigations. What their determination means to the family of the victim; and what, if any, recourse the family has if they disagree with the official findings.

Guests include Citizens Against Homicide and a former coroner-turned forensic investigator. And expect famed defense attorney Mickey Sherman, Fox News Legal Analyst and Author Lisa Weil and Prosecutor Donna Pendergast the crime wire team consultants to call into the show.

To listen to the show live and participate in the interactive chat room CLICK HERE

To call in with questions or comments for the guests:

(646) 478-0982

Plan to put Tuesday evenings on your calendar as the place to be each week as the Crime Wire Team brings it’s listeners unique discussion on cases you may have never heard of, or some which may be in the news.  Each week will have guest consultants who will weigh in with their own perspectives.  You won’t want to miss it.

The pilot episode for the Crime Wire TV Show has been filmed by 2 Reel Productions and will be presented to TV networks in the near future.