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Welcome Denny Griffin to ImaginePublicity

ImaginePublicity is proud to announce it’s newest client, Denny Griffin!

Denny Griffin is a former private  investigator in New York as well as working in law enforcement agencies in several capacities.  After retiring in 1996, he turned his talents and experience into writing several successful true crime novels.

Caught in the competition and saturation of the true crime genre, Denny decided to try his hand at non-fiction, writing about the mob years in Las Vegas. His first book was a historical account of law enforcement in Las Vegas and Clark County.  Policing in Las Vegas takes the reader from the years 1905 to 2004 covering the encounters and crimes of that era.

Denny then began expanding on what he had learned while researching that book, and turned to writing true accounts of the Mob years in Las Vegas.  The Battle for Las Vegas is the story of mob enforcer Tony Spilatro and his reign as boss. In preparing the details of this book, Denny met several retired FBI agents and detectives from the era,  as well as many conversations with one of Spilatro’s lieutenants, Frank Cullotta.

Through meetings with Cullotta, Denny had all the material needed for his next book aptly titled, Cullotta: The Life of a Chicago Criminal, Las Vegas Mobster and Government Witness. This book was instrumental in bringing new information to a cold case in McHenry County, IL, the double murder of  Ronald Scharff and Patricia Freeman.

Denny has several new ventures on the horizon, including co-writing his next book, Surviving the Mob, with former Gambino crime family member, Andrew DiDonato.   DiDonato recently collaborated with 2 Reel Productions to film a documentary of his life in the Gambino family and his escape from a life of crime.

Denny Griffin is also embarking on a new collaboration with 2 Reel Productions, Vito Colucci and Susan Murphy-Milano. The pilot of their new television show, Crime Wire, has been filmed in Las Vegas.  The three veterans will shed new light on cases which have either been long forgotten, or never given the attention they needed to be solved.

Denny has hosted several popular online radio shows on BlogTalk Radio and, with the other two members of the Crime Wire Team, will start a new series of shows discussing cold and forgotten cases.

Denny Griffin is a regular contributor to the popular True Crime Blog, In Cold Blog.