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Autism Women’s Network and Domestic Violence

AWN is dedicated to building a community of autistic females, their families, friends, and supporters who have a place where they can share their experiences amongst a diverse, inclusive, and supportive environment.

Surviving domestic abuse and stalking means strategic planning and playing it smart.  When faced with daily survival tasks and overwhelming fears, a victim is too often left with no time to properly construct a safety plan and an effective escape guide.  If you toss into the mix the unique sensory differences faced by individuals on the autism spectrum, then you will easily understand why best selling author Susan Murphy Milano’s new book, Time’s Up is proving to be a vital asset.

All people typically respond in a highly sensitized manner when processing stress surrounding any kind of violence, and in particular ongoing abuse.  With respect to individuals on the autism spectrum, most experience unique sensory challenges pertaining to Executive Function (ie: Autistic Inertia) and most assuredly they will be faced with processing even more exaggerated sensory responses when enduring acts of violence, stalking, and/or ongoing abuse.  Some of these noticeable neuro-differences which prove challenging for many individuals on the spectrum are:

  • Making arbitrary choices
  • Breaking down large tasks into smaller steps
  • Recognizing possible options in their situation
  • Deciphering how they feel about various options
  • Implementing information and/or their skills necessary to complete tasks
  • “Beginning” (actually start moving in response to thought)

In Time’s Up, Susan has already done your thinking for you as she guides you through the necessary strategies, and life saving guidelines.  In this sure-to-be best-seller, Susan lays out a step by step process to surviving violence and stalking relationships.  On a broader scale, law enforcement agencies, social workers, psychologists, and attorneys around the world are already looking to it as a valuable resource when assisting their clients.

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