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Murphy-Milano Puts Out the “Battle Cry” Against Family Violence

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In a bold entry on the MurphyMilano Journal, Susan Murphy-Milano has thrown down the gauntlet to anyone interested in joining forces to be a voice against family violence.  Every day there are new reports of homicide involving family members against each other, and this is an age old war.   The time to get serious about this war being waged in our homes is now.

“The war in the home is not a recognized battle, yet it should be. A victim can not fight without having the necessary training and tools in order to survive,”  Murphy-Milano says.

Comparing the war going on within homes is like being invaded by an unforeseen force worse than a terrorist attack, many being killed by surprise tactics used in international wars.  The death tolls should be recorded and reported just like they are for the war our country is waging in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Susan Murphy-Milano has been picking up the pieces of this war for over 20 years, often utilizing “out of the box” techniques to save the lives of women who were on the losing end of the battle, poised to be taken out, just like her mother who was murdered in the home by her Chicago Police Officer father.   The time is over due that family violence and it’s perpetrators must be treated as serious crime, no longer just a “family affair” by, not only law enforcement agencies, but the mainstream media as well.

This is not a game. It is a real life battle involving families, children, mothers and fathers.

“Battle Cry” will work towards creating that voice for accountability and change how these cases are handled, investigated, and ultimately portrayed. Obviously, I can not do this alone. I need your help. Heed the call and join the cry…”The Battle Cry.”

Murphy-Milano is putting out the call to arms for victims to be given the necessary means to protect their lives, and for those willing to step into the trenches to unite in support.  Read the entire text at MurphyMilano Journal.

To add your voice and strength to the “Battle Cry,” email with your interest to participate to:

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