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Lavinia Masters and Lisa Michels Take On Ben Roethlisberger

The case of Ben Roethlisberger, and his alleged sexual assault escapades, was the topic of discussion on the Lavinia Masters BlogTalk Radio show this past Sunday, May 2.  If you didn’t have the opportunity to listen live you can listen to the archive HERE.

What side of the fence do you sit on regarding Ben and his alleged sexual assaults?  Although there are no criminal charges filed by the latest victim, do you feel Ben is getting away with it?  Is the NFL giving enough training and awareness for their players? And what about the victim?  How do you think she is dealing with this incident?

Lavinia and Lisa are both surviving victims of sexual assault.  They both have come away from their respective assaults scarred, but just as scar tissue is made stronger, these ladies have worked through and come out the other side with power and a passion to educate, bring awareness to, and prevent others from experiencing the devastation of sexual assault.

Both Lavinia and Lisa are members of the RAINN Speakers Bureau, are outspoken in their own communities and participate in their own organizations to help victims anywhere, anytime.  Please see links to their sites below.

After you listen to this week’s show, be sure to put a note on your calendar to watch for a new, upcoming show each month.  “Lavinia and Lisa’s Roundtable” which will take on the latest news, impart information, and educate the public on the experiences of sexual assault and how, you, too, can work through the pain with their support.

For more information about Lisa and Lavinia, to keep up with the latest, please visit their sites.

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