Month: May 2010


Vito Colucci Joins ImaginePublicity!

We are happy to announce Vito Colucci as one of our newest clients! Vito Colucci, Jr., owner of Colucci Investigations LLC, is a former member of the Stamford, CT Police Department where he worked as a Narcotic’s Detective and Undercover Organized Crime Investigator. One of the main investigations Vito spearheaded during that time was uncovering the organized crime ties within his own police department. Vito has been a private investigator for the past 22 years, working many high profile cases; Michael Skakel/Martha Moxley case, Jayson William’s case, and honeymooner, George Smith’s case . At the knee or at the defense table Colucci was a fixture at Skakel’s murder trial in 2002, accompanying the defendant to court, tracking information about dubious witnesses and accumulating information for Skakel’s lead attorney Mickey Sherman. (By Lennie Grimaldi The Fairfield County Weekly) He has also worked on many high profile cases in CT including murders, rapes, corrupt priest, the Andrew Kissel murder case and the Chimpanzee attack on a Stamford woman. Vito Colucci is a regular commentator on various news …


Welcome Denny Griffin to ImaginePublicity

ImaginePublicity is proud to announce it’s newest client, Denny Griffin! Denny Griffin is a former private  investigator in New York as well as working in law enforcement agencies in several capacities.  After retiring in 1996, he turned his talents and experience into writing several successful true crime novels. Caught in the competition and saturation of the true crime genre, Denny decided to try his hand at non-fiction, writing about the mob years in Las Vegas. His first book was a historical account of law enforcement in Las Vegas and Clark County.  Policing in Las Vegas takes the reader from the years 1905 to 2004 covering the encounters and crimes of that era. Denny then began expanding on what he had learned while researching that book, and turned to writing true accounts of the Mob years in Las Vegas.  The Battle for Las Vegas is the story of mob enforcer Tony Spilatro and his reign as boss. In preparing the details of this book, Denny met several retired FBI agents and detectives from the era,  as …

Autism Women’s Network and Domestic Violence

AWN is dedicated to building a community of autistic females, their families, friends, and supporters who have a place where they can share their experiences amongst a diverse, inclusive, and supportive environment. Surviving domestic abuse and stalking means strategic planning and playing it smart.  When faced with daily survival tasks and overwhelming fears, a victim is too often left with no time to properly construct a safety plan and an effective escape guide.  If you toss into the mix the unique sensory differences faced by individuals on the autism spectrum, then you will easily understand why best selling author Susan Murphy Milano’s new book, Time’s Up is proving to be a vital asset. All people typically respond in a highly sensitized manner when processing stress surrounding any kind of violence, and in particular ongoing abuse.  With respect to individuals on the autism spectrum, most experience unique sensory challenges pertaining to Executive Function (ie: Autistic Inertia) and most assuredly they will be faced with processing even more exaggerated sensory responses when enduring acts of violence, stalking, and/or ongoing abuse.  …

Murphy-Milano Puts Out the “Battle Cry” Against Family Violence

Image via Wikipedia In a bold entry on the MurphyMilano Journal, Susan Murphy-Milano has thrown down the gauntlet to anyone interested in joining forces to be a voice against family violence.  Every day there are new reports of homicide involving family members against each other, and this is an age old war.   The time to get serious about this war being waged in our homes is now. “The war in the home is not a recognized battle, yet it should be. A victim can not fight without having the necessary training and tools in order to survive,”  Murphy-Milano says. Comparing the war going on within homes is like being invaded by an unforeseen force worse than a terrorist attack, many being killed by surprise tactics used in international wars.  The death tolls should be recorded and reported just like they are for the war our country is waging in Iraq and Afghanistan. Susan Murphy-Milano has been picking up the pieces of this war for over 20 years, often utilizing “out of the box” techniques to save the …


Gaetane’s Audition: Empowering Parents…Helping Kids -OPRAH’S “YOUR OWN TV”

Gaetane Borders, President of Peas In Their Pods and author of the blog, Parenting Pundits, is auditioning for Oprah Winfrey’s “Your Own Show.” Gaetane, known in some circles as “G,” is the perfect candidate for a show surrounding the issues of children.  She is a school psychologist and has daily contact with the issues surrounding today’s children, as well as being “Mom” to her own two little darlings! Gaetane is also a contributor to the victim’s rights site, “Time’s Up!” Network. Take a minute, go to the link,(CLICK HERE) and give a vote for Gaetane!