P.E.A.S. Magazine

Each month Peas In Their Pods produces an online magazine full of articles on not only missing children, but also includes information on parenting tips, safety tips, domestic violence, fatherhood and even recipes all written by well known advocate and activists in their respective fields.

The focus of the magazine, as well as the organization, is to bring awareness to those missing children who do not meet the criteria set forth by national alert systems.  By continuing to place their pictures and information in front of the public eye, there is more hope that these children will not only receive the attention they deserve, but be found safe and brought home to their loved ones.

April’s issue marks the one year anniversary of the magazine and is worthy of a grand celebration!

Please make the time to read this issue as well as subscribing so you don’t miss any of the issues!

You can read P.E.A.S. Magazine  HERE!