Jillian Maas Backman: “I.T.’S For You” Interview With Susan Murphy-Milano

Tune in this Easter Sunday, April 4 at 10am Eastern, 9am Central.   To listen to the show, go to www.lake961.com ….find the “Listen Live” button…..then click on the “Listen Now” icon.

Jillian interviews her long time friend Susan Murphy-Milano in her series “Authentic Self,” chatting about living in truth.  You won’t want to miss this!

Jillian Maas Backman is an Award-Winning Radio Personality and Intuitive Life Coach. She addresses the spiritual and emotional sides of every day life through personal interaction with people she meets during her life’s journey. With her degree in psychology from the University of Texas in San Antonio, she is able to see beyond the surface and deep into the self to understand human nature and emotion, the complete person.

Jillian is also a regular contributor to the victim’s rights blog, “Time’s Up!”