Mildred D. Muhammad Joins Gayle Crabtree on Voices of Hope

Voices of Hope will air a special broad cast of the “Lunch Buffet” on BlogTalk Radio, Friday, March 26 at 12 pm EST, 11am CST.  Gayle Crabtree’s special guest will be Mildred D. Muhammad for the full hour.

Taken from Mildred’s website:

Mildred D.Muhammad is a domestic violence survivor with a story to tell the world.  Many know her first and foremost by her former husband, John Allen Muhammad – the convicted and now executed DC sniper who terrorized the Washington DC metro region in late 2002.

However, many are not aware that the reasons for the horrific attacks on innocent women, children and men in the DC Metro area, originated from John Allen Muhammad’s stalking and the control tactics he used on Mildred, his former wife, whom he sought to find and kill before, during and after the divorce.

Her book, Scared Silent’, published by Simon and Schuster / Strebor Books, is available now for purchase.

She has also written a working journal, A Survivor’s Journal’,specifically for victims and survivors to help with those anxieties that others may not understand. The responses from those who have ordered the journal have been overwhelming.

Please make plans to join Gayle and Mildred in a frank discussion about domestic violence and how power and control issues may lead to tragedy.  Learn how victims of abuse can heal beyond what they ever thought they were capable of, and how life can once more be beautiful.

Please join Voices of Hope live at the link HERE.

Friday, March 26 at 12 pm EST,11am CST

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