Generational Abuse: Rozetta Mowrey Speaks Out

Tragedy in Tin Can Holler is a book written by one who lived through generations of abuse.  Rozetta Mowrey’s account of the family in which she grew up is both eye opening and disturbing.

The cycle of abuse, power and control over another human being is a battle that is being played out every day in homes across the country, spilling over into the court systems and media.   The epidemic seems to be getting more tragic, and yet, stories like Mowrey’s show us that abuse within families has been going on for a very long time.

How did she break this cycle?  How did she survive several foster homes after the beating death of her mother?

Mowrey says, “The horrors of my childhood, 12 years in abusive foster homes and two abusive marriages never darkened my spirits.”

Wednesday, March 17, Rozetta Mowrey will be a special guest of Susan Murphy-Milano on The Susan Murphy Milano Show hosted on BlogTalk Radio.

The show begins at 4PM EST, 3PM CST and you can go directly to the show page HERE.