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Men Who Are Changing Victim’s Lives

Ben Atherton-Zeman and Barry Goldstein are but a few courageous men who stand up for the fight against violence to women.  Both have developed education and awareness campaigns to bring the information to the masses that, yes, there is an issue of violence towards women.  They bring this information to all who will listen through speaking engagements, books, teachings and, in Ben’s case, a play titled “Voices of Men,” a one man play working to end men’s violence towards women.

Both Barry and Ben have taken a proactive stance against violence towards women from the shelter level to the court system, where often a battered woman is battered again.

Men’s voices are needed in the fight against family violence that is escalating at a rapid pace within the homes and court rooms across America.  Both of these men have made strides to educate men, causing them to reflect and change their attitudes towards violence against women.  It’s not a gender issue, it’s a human issue, and violence in the family must come to an end.

Join Ben Atherton-Zeman and Barry Goldstein as guests of Susan Murphy Milano on The Susan Murphy Milano show Wednesday, March 3 at 4PM EST, 3PM CST for an educational discussion about how men have joined together to help stop the violence.

The Susan Murphy Milano Show, “Men who Are Changing Victim’s Lives” is on BlogTalk Radio at the link provided HERE.

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