Month: February 2010

Anny Jacoby Guest on Voices of Hope

Anny Jacoby joins host, Gayle Crabtree on the BlogTalk Radio Show “Voices of Hope” on Tuesday, February 23 at 12 PM EST. Gayle and Anny will be discussing issues of domestic violence, female self-defense and the new program, Project Safe Girls, which is a division of Realistic Female Self-Defense Company. You can click HERE and go directly to the show page where you can join in the conversation through the live chat or call in. The number to call in a question is:    (718) 506-1545 Project Safe Girls seeks to empower girls (ages 5-23 in school) through the teaching of self-defense (mentally & physically).  By providing a supportive and energetic environment, participants will gain confidence and improve self-esteem while learning the basics and importance of safety! Gayle Crabtree, host of Voices of Hope, is a nationally recognized speaker, author and Founder of Hope For Healing.Org which assists victims of rape, sexual assault, domestic violence and human trafficking.  From her East Tennessee home Gayle maintains an active speaking and consulting schedule.

What Can Men Do As Victims Of Domestic Violence?

FRED WOLFSON Fred Wolfson is a former U.S. Intelligence Officer in the Reagan Administration, who becomes a successful and wealthy private investigator.  Wolfson was a regular contributor for network television and radio in the fields of personal and corporate security, and had his own weekly television program on the air dedicated to solving cold cases. Wolfson fell in love with a beautiful surgeon, and the two were soon married.  Shortly after the marriage, Wolfson’s health began taking a turn for the worse.  Wolfson’s physician wife began prescribing a multitude of medications, yet his health and mental acuity continued to deteriorate.  Wolfson’s wife pointed to mental illness, convincing everyone that the world renowned investigator had “lost his marbles.”  While pretending to be the doting wife, caring for her mentally ill husband, she was actually draining Wolfson’s bank accounts and preparing for the ultimate betrayal – – his death! The attempt to murder Fred Wolfson is about a woman who would stop at nothing to get what she wanted, including murder, and the ability of this former …

Investigation Discovery Features Missing Persons

The Investigation Discovery Channel is featuring real life, actual cases of missing persons on their show “Disappeared.” Tonight, February 15, the show features William “Billy” Smolinski whose mother, Janice, is a member of Peace4 the Missing. Janice, and her husband Bill, are making great progress in bringing about change for families of missing persons by working with Congressman Chris Murphy and introducing HR 3695 The Help Find the Missing Act (Billy’s Law). The case of Billy Smolinski’s vanishing has been wrought with twists and turns and has been a journey that no parent should ever have to travel. For a better understanding of what a family endures when a loved one goes missing, be sure to tune in to Investigation Discovery. Monday, February 15, 2010 10 PM EST, 9PM CST Please check your local listings.

“Riding Away From Wonderland” Dawn Schiller and Susan Murphy Milano

“Riding Away From Wonderland” The Susan Murphy Milano Show Wednesday, February 10    4PM EST, 3PM CST BlogTalk Radio    To go directly to the show click HERE Call in live!  (347) 326-9337 Thrown into the waiting arms of adult film star and predator, John Holmes, Dawn Schiller survived years of abuse, substance addiction and human trafficking. Dawn survived the bloody and tragic “Wonderland” murders, and was victimized again when law enforcement claimed her as a wanted fugitive. We will discuss her journey for the entire hour and her work with the phenomena of “Throwaway Teens” and how to identify, recognize and save others before they become a statistic. Join Dawn and Susan for the entire hour as they explore Dawn’s experiences and survival, as well as her current work with “Throwaway Teens.” Dawn’s book “The Road Through Wonderland” will be available this year.   UPDATES! In February, 2010 Susan Murphy Milano and Dawn Schiller had a frank discussion on the radio show, “Riding Away From Wonderland” talking about Dawn’s early childhood, her dysfunctional family and her teenage …

ImaginePublicity Endorses Bill For Missing Persons

Every year tens of thousands of Americans go missing, never to be seen by their loved ones again. At the same time, there are also an estimated 40,000 sets of unidentified human remains that are being held or disposed of across the country. Sadly, because of gaps in the nation’s missing persons systems, missing persons and unidentified remains are rarely matched. Help Find the Missing Act is an effort to fix these problems and bring closure to the loved ones of the missing. This legislation is named after Billy Smolinski of Waterbury, Connecticut who went missing on August 24, 2004 at the age of 31. Billy’s family knows all-too-well the systemic challenges in trying to find the missing. They quickly learned that while federal law mandates law enforcement report missing children, there are no such requirements for adults – or unidentified bodies. Compounding this problem is the fact that local law enforcement agencies, medical examiners, and coroners, often don’t have the resources or training to voluntarily report these cases. Finally, even when missing adults and …