Human & Sex Trafficking affect over 4 MILLION children and young women each year! These abusers are netting over $34 Billion a year on our women and children’s lives! According to Nathan Wilson of Project Meridian Foundation, Human Trafficking is the FASTEST growing criminal industry in the world today. This form of modern day slavery is second to weapons sales and larger than drug sales.

What is the reason America has become one of the world’s largest importers of Human Trafficking? “There is a common misconception that the trafficking of human beings for sexual exploitation and human labor occurs only in other countries; in fact, ignorance and apathy have allowed America to become one of the world’s largest importers in this trade.” The lack of understanding, naivete’, believing it can’t happen to them, disinterest, and passiveness within each of our communities.

The State of Washington has invited Project Meridian Foundation (PMF) to be a keynote speaker on “Washington Human Trafficking Engagement Day.” The Founder of PMF, Nathan Wilson and Dr. Eric Hickey will be the keynote speakers.

How is Washington responding to human trafficking? You will discover achievable goals in fighting against human trafficking in the state by attending this event.

For more information on Human Trafficking see Project Meridian Foundation’s website at http://www.projectmeridianfoundation.org.

When: Monday, January 11, 2010
Time: 9 – 11:00 a.m.
Columbia Room
Capitol Building

Olympia, WA