Month: January 2010

Susan Murphy Milano, Lisa Michels and Lavinia Masters Appear Together on the Susan Murphy Milano Show

It was a hot July night in 1985, and the Texas sixth-grader Lavina Masters had been sexually assaulted by an unknown suspect. This process — collecting evidence for a rape kit — lasted several hours was “devastating.” But just as difficult, says Masters, was the 20-year wait for that evidence to yield results. Lavina discussed in a recent interview with CNN how her rape kit sat idle until 2005, when the Dallas Police Department re-opened her case, as part of a new initiative to solve old crimes. Please join us for a very special hour with Author and national safety prevention expert Lavinia Masters. And Lisa Fiorese Michels a board member with Project and a noted speaker on “Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome” and educating those whom often feel shame and embarrassment when the crime of rape is committed against them. DATE: January 27, 2010 TIME: 3:00 PM Central Standard Time Live call in Number: 347-326-9337 Show Link: If you are unable to listen live, return to this site and the show will automatically play. …

Susan Murphy Milano and Lavinia Masters on BlogTalk Radio

SATURDAY, JANUARY 16, 12PM EST, 11AM CST S.A.V.E. (Sexual Abuse Victim Empowering) Ministry presents: a show dedicated to the healing and well being of past victims of sexual and relationship abuse. Your host, Lavinia Masters, is not only a writer, speaker, and author, she is a rape survivor and victim empowering advocate and her prayer is to encourage, inspire, educate and empower survivors and families of sexual and relationship abuse through the word, grace, prayer and power of God. Susan Murphy Milano is one of the country’s leading experts in the field of family violence and safety strategies.  Over the last twenty years shehas helped thousands of women safely escape violent relationships.  Susan has two new books being released in 2010, “Time’s Up” How to escape a violent and stalking relationship, and “Holding My Hand Through Hell.” S.A.V.E.  MINISTRIES ON BLOGTALK RADIO Join the show live, chat, or call in HERE


Human & Sex Trafficking affect over 4 MILLION children and young women each year! These abusers are netting over $34 Billion a year on our women and children’s lives! According to Nathan Wilson of Project Meridian Foundation, Human Trafficking is the FASTEST growing criminal industry in the world today. This form of modern day slavery is second to weapons sales and larger than drug sales. What is the reason America has become one of the world’s largest importers of Human Trafficking? “There is a common misconception that the trafficking of human beings for sexual exploitation and human labor occurs only in other countries; in fact, ignorance and apathy have allowed America to become one of the world’s largest importers in this trade.” The lack of understanding, naivete’, believing it can’t happen to them, disinterest, and passiveness within each of our communities. The State of Washington has invited Project Meridian Foundation (PMF) to be a keynote speaker on “Washington Human Trafficking Engagement Day.” The Founder of PMF, Nathan Wilson and Dr. Eric Hickey will be the …