Year: 2010

Shorewood Patch Has Hatched: Meet Joe Hosey

Meet Joe Hosey, Editor of the Shorewood Patch, a new site devoted to all the news and events in the growing town of Shorewood, IL! Joe Hosey is well known as a reporter for the Chicago Herald who was on the spot with each development in the Drew Peterson case, from covering the inquest into Kathleen Savio’s (Peterson wife #3) untimely death to the disappearance of Stacy Peterson (wife #4).  Hosey is the author of the book, “Fatal Vows: The Tragic Wives of Sergeant Drew Peterson.” The Shorewood Patch Has Hatched You don’t hear a lot about Shorewood in the news, and that’s strange, considering it’s a town with quite a bit going on. For all it has to offer, Shorewood hardly gets a mention in the newspapers and media websites. It’s been that way for years, but that’s all about to change, starting today. That’s because today is the first day forShorewood Patch—an online news source devoted exclusively to Shorewood. From now on, Shorewood Patch is going to cover everything about this village. From schools,politics …


The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction Offers Therapist Training With Sandra L. Brown, M.A.

ATTENTION:  Domestic Violence Professionals and/or Mental Health Professionals: WE NEED YOU TO BE TRAINED IN OUR MODEL OF CARE APPROACH!   NOW AVAILABLE ON THOSE DATES FOR WEBCAM ATTENDANCE! Don’t have the time to travel to Florida for those dates? No problem! Attend all 4 days via webcam from the comfort of your office! Same price but you get to wear your slippers! 60 million people are negatively impacted by someone else’s pathology. That means there are millions of survivors looking for appropriately trained professionals who understand more than just the Power & Control wheel. We need referral resources out there! Help us reach more survivors by becoming a trained professional in The Institute’s Model of Care Approach for Pathological Love Relationships with Cluster B Disordered Partners The Institute will be offering licensed mental health and addiction professionals the ability to become trained and certified in The Institute’s Model of Care in ‘Pathological Love Relationships.’ The absence of trained and qualified professionals in counseling is an obstacle to recovery for survivors. One of The Institute’s …


By Special Invitation: Susan Murphy Milano will be the Guest Host on The Roth Show

Wednesday, December 29 at 6pm-9pm ET for 3 whole hours of discussion with 3 exciting guests! Hour #1  Rita Cosby Hour #2  Joe Hosey Hour #3  Burl Barer Rita Cosby Rita anchored highly-rated primetime shows on Fox News Channel and MSNBC. She is currently a special correspondent for the long-running syndicated newsmagazine, Inside Edition. Honors for the three-time Emmy Award winner include the Matrix Award and the Jack Anderson Award. Rita was also selected by Cosmopolitan Magazine as a “Fun and Fearless Female.” A recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor and the Lech Walesa Freedom Award, she hosts the National Memorial Day Parade broadcast to all US military installations around the world. Her first book, Blonde Ambition, was a New York Times bestseller.  In latest book release, QUIET HERO, this veteran journalist uncovers her father’s harrowing story as a WWII Resistance Fighter and Prisoner Of War. After a daring escape, he and his comrades were saved by American forces. An emotional story of a daughter finally discovering her own father. Through her book QUIET HERO, Rita …

The Gang

January is “Mob Month” in Vegas! Dennis Griffin Presents on Panel

Please join Dennis Griffin in January for three special presentations at the Clark County Library as they present Mob Month.  The presentations are in the main theater and are free and open to the public.  Everything begins at 7pm The first presentation is on January 4, Clark County Library welcomes four panelists: two from the right side of the law and two from the wrong side: Retired FBI special agent Dennis Arnoldy led the team that arrested the infamous Hole In The Wall Gang; former mafia street soldier-turned-author/filmmaker Andrew DiDonato (Surviving The Mob) worked for the Gambino & Genovese crime families;  ex-sheriff/ Internet talk show host Dennis Griffin is an author of 10 bestsellers including The Battle For Las Vegas– The Law vs. The Mob, Vegas Vixen, and Cullotta ; and ex-mobster/active government witness Salvatore ‘Fat Sal’ Mangiavillano whose testimony against mob instigators Peter Gotti & Huck Carbonaro resulted in their convictions. Books and DVDs by DiDonato and Griffin will be available for purchase and signing after the presentation.  For more information, please call 507-3458. The second presentation is on January 18. This discussions will revolve around heavyweights from …


Lyn Twyman Welcomes Portia Shipman to Courage Empowerment Forum!

The young life of Sherri Denese Jackson was cut short in late 2006 at the age of 27. Four years later, her memory lives on. In this week’s episode of Lyn Twyman’s Courage Empowerment Forum, her featured guest will be Portia Shipman, founder and executive director of the Sherri Denese Jackson Foundation (SDJF). SDJF is an organization that serves domestic violence victims in Greensboro, NC. This show will discuss the life of Sherri Jackson, a murder victim of domestic violence, and what SDJF is doing in their local community to help survivors not become victims. Tune in Tuesday, December 28th at 9 PM eastern for this great interview! Go to the link and listen live every Tuesday night!