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Creative Safety Solutions For Females Workshop
Susan Murphy-Milano and Anny Jacoby
Females of all ages must prepare and learn about self-defense and prevention awareness strategies, to effectively protect and defend themselves physically and mentally against offenders in a relationship or when a random predators strikes on the streets.

Effectively, our program teaches a successful and safe outcome with techniques and approaches to be applied to a  persons daily life.

Susan Murphy-Milano is the nation’s leading Expert Relationship Strategist, Domestic Violence Advocate, Speaker, Author and Consultant.  Susan has worked hands on with women for over 20 years, saving many lives in the process.  She has authored 2 books, Defending Our Lives and Moving Out, Moving On which are considered the “bibles” of safely leaving an abusive relationship and teaching awareness to females. Susan has worked for many years studying cases where women have been killed, picking apart those cases to see what went wrong, and using the results to help formulate her unique safety strategies. Susan has put together a program which will outline many safety strategies that it is powerful, yet entertaining.  Women, of all ages, will come away from this presentation with renewed intuition, a sense of empowerment and new tools for their personal protection safety plans.

Susan’s links include her website, her blog, her weekly radio show, and most importantly a short video titled “Shooters On The Line” providing great insight into who she is and what she does.

The other half of our program is Female Personal Safety conducted by Anny Jacoby, Founder and President of The Realistic Female Self-Defense Company based in Raleigh, NC.  Anny is a Survivor of Domestic Violence, has over 20 years experience as a victim’s advocate and crisis counselor along with being a certified Personal Defense Readiness instructor.  Anny’s certification is through Blauer Tactical Systems, Inc. (the civilian division) which teaches the S.P.E.A.R. system (hand-to-hand combat).  Blauer Tactical Systems also teaches military and law enforcement.  Anny teaches a program designed specifically for females of any age group including children, seniors and disabled.  Her program was designed to be exclusive and her techniques realistic, hence, certified male instructors train to enhance the realism of a personal assault.  Physical training would be open to females ages 12-65.

You can see Anny’s information at the following links:

The combination of these two women and their passion to keep women everywhere safe is a benefit to you, your daughters and every other female you know.

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