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Susan Murphy Milano:  “Time’s Up!” Taking Charge of a Bad Situation


Time’s Up for mothers losing custody of their children to the very person who abused them.  This is nothing new, but there is a new wind blowing into the sails of this issue in order to set things straight within the judicial system that is tearing children away from loving, responsible mothers.

Walk a mile in the shoes of these mothers coming together for discussions about family violence, the current court system, and what lengths they are willing to go in order to be a part of the lives of the children to which they gave birth.

On Wednesday, July 21, 2009, on the Susan Murphy Milano show, our guests include Claudine Dombrowski and Sharon from Nebraska both women have answered yes and lived through each of the questions above. Join us as we learn their strategies and answer your questions live at 3:00 PM Central Standard Time.

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“When someone endures one of the most horrific experiences of their lives, Susan Murphy-Milano is there to guide them with the knowledge, expertise, and first hand experience of domestic violence to ensure their survival. This is a from a woman who knows–first-hand, the sheer terror that goes on behind the closed doors of Main Street, USA. Whether the violator is a man, a woman, or another family member, Time’s Up, is no less than a survival manual for domestic victims everywhere. It should be a required read for law enforcement, courthouses, and anyone looking to make a difference, or quite frankly, survive. An utterly compelling read!”

~Stacy Dittrich, Author, Former Detective, and Law Enforcement Media Consultant as seen on CNN, Fox, and E! True Hollywood