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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

BlogTalk Radio Today: Susan Murphy Milano and Anny Jacoby: “A Woman’s Self Worth – Fight For It!”

July 15, 2009……Two experienced advocates for victims of domestic violence will be joining forces today to speak on the topic “A Woman’s Self Worth.” Susan Murphy Milano and co-host Anny Jacoby will be welcoming guests, Gail Lakritz from the organization Wings of Change, and Michelle, who is a police officer’s wife in the midst of divorcing her abusive husband.

Learn from these ladies how easy it is for a woman to lose her self worth and what a difficult battle it is to regain it. Learn that it absolutely can be done, how to take responsibility for your own life, destiny and self worth, and how to rebuild a life of hope.

This show is about renewal, hope and solutions to the myriad of problems that exist in the life of a victim turned “survivor.” Many who are in the throes of abuse, leaving an abuser, or starting life all over don’t realize that they are truly worth the fight. These ladies will show you how to never, ever give up, fight for your self worth, and take back control of your life.

Susan Murphy Milano is a renowned expert in the field of domestic violence and a certified advocate for over 20 years. As a former executive director of a high risk national domestic violence organization, violent expert and author she speakers from experience. Susan’s books,” Defending Our Lives“, and “Moving out, Moving on” are considered by some to be the roadmaps to safely leaving an abusive relationship and are used extensively throughout the country in shelters and coalitions to help women survive.

Anny Jacoby, Founder of The Realistic Female Self-Defense Company, has over 20 years “in the field” experience as a certified advocate. A survivor of domestic violence, she firmly believes that EVERY female has the absolute right to protect and defend herself mentality, emotionally, spiritually and ultimately physically. She is a certified personal safety instructor with a unique program designed strictly for females of all ages and physical condition.

Date : 7/15/2009

Time: 4:00 PM EST 3:00 PM CST 1:00 PM PST

Call-in Number: (347) 326-9337

Show Link:

To schedule Susan Murphy Milano or Anny Jacoby for your next event, please contact ImaginePublicity at

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